Bridging the Gap


  1. Provide follow-up education for those who have

      attended the Graduate Program (LIOS) and Leadership Workshops (Tough Stuff, Leadership Through Personal Development, etc.)

  2. Provide introductory information to those interested in Personal Development, Organization Development and Communication.


  3. Provided resources and services to assist organizations in system related issues.



The video podcasts series “Bridging the Gap” will focus on mini lectures presented during the training as well as other topics of interest.

There are 3 Video Formats:

1. Google Video - Video is embedded from the Google Video site that should work on both Macs and PCs.  They are small flash files that should load quickly but the quality is not as good.

2.  Windows Video - These are PC Windows (wmv) files that will play on Windows Media Player.

3.  QuickTime Video - This is the Apple format (mov) that plays on Macs and PCs (When the QuickTime player is on the PC. You can download QuickTime for the PC here:


The Interpersonal Gap


“The most basic and recurring problem in social life is the relation between what you intend and the impact of your actions on others.”


John Wallen 

Bridging the Gap

Bridging interpersonal, group, family and organizational gaps