Bridging The Gap


Our lives are intertwined with gaps that need to be bridged from time to time.  This site is dedicated to those bridges that remain standing long after we’re gone.


Emergency Preparedness

  1. -Assisting communities & families to become more self-reliant.

Family Emergency Information Form

  1. -This form is intended to gather Emergency Information from Families residing in the Middleton Idaho Stake.

Neighborhood Preparedness MYN

  1. -Helping neighborhoods prepare for disasters.

  2. -9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster.

Florida ERC

  1. -The Florida ERC is a humanitarian service organization providing Emergency Response Communications to assist in disasters.

Deland Florida Stake Emergency Preparedness

  1. -A faith based organization’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  2. -Family Emergency Planning

  3. -Emergency Communications

Family Emergency Preparedness Survey

  1. -This survey is to assess the needs of the Ward/Stake and assist members in emergency preparedness.

Bridging the Gap

  1. -8 - 12 minute follow-up videos for those who have attended the Organizational Leadership Master’s Program and Leadership/Communications Workshops (Tough Stuff, Improving Interpersonal Relationships, INTERACT, etc.)

Improving Interpersonal Relationships

  1. -Simple 2 -3 minute videos about Improving Interpersonal Relationships (Communication, Conflict Resolution, Listening)

Mormons Made Simple

  1. - Simple 2 - 3 minute videos about the “Mormons”



Book - Interpersonal Communication

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